Saturday, August 27, 2016

Aubigny Place - Mater Hospital Brisbane

Sketching with the Brisbane Urban Sketchers on a lovely winters morning.  

Aubigny Place is a magnificent old building sitting on Mater Hill.  It is named after the first Mater Hospital, a private house at North Quay, that the Sisters leased.   It took 5 years to have the new hospital built and opened, but it happened on 14 August 1910,  when the new hospital was officially blessed by Cardinal Moran and opened by the Governor, Sir William MacGregor. 

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

National Trust House with the Brisbane USkers

Historical National Trust House, was constructed in 1865-66 as the colony’s first purpose-built accommodation for immigrants, the building has been converted to offices and laboratories for the Department of Agriculture and re-converted into offices for other government organisations.
The first immigrants directly from overseas to what is now Queensland arrived in the Artemesia on 15 December 1848. As more immigrant vessels followed, the capacity of the city to provide an accommodation base for those who had spent months at sea was sorely stretched. A journalist in 1863 commenting on the temporary three-shed depot being used at South Brisbane noted that, by comparison, ‘the most uncomfortable cell in the Brisbane gaol must appear almost an earthly paradise’.
Plans for a new Immigration Depot, consisting of two, multi-level wings at right angles to each other between William Street and the river were prepared by Charles Tiffin, the colonial architect. The building was constructed in sandstone (for the footings) and brick by contractor John Petrie in 1865-66. The three levels in the rear wing accommodated single women in the upper level, married couples below them and single men in what is today the building’s basement. With space at a premium, luggage was stored in a shed adjacent to Queen’s Wharf.

A4 Holcroft Sketchbook
.08 Unipin pen.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Sketching DRAGON BOATS On Brisbane River

What a fabulous morning I had with the Brisbane Urban Sketchers at South Bank.  The International QUT Dragon Races were on, and it gave us much excitement as well as a unique sketching opportunity.

 The dragon boat in the foreground is the Singapore team, and they came first in the first heat, but I didn't find out what happened after that.

Brisbane Wheel, sponsored by Channel 7 TV Station.

My friend Deirdre and I

 Dragon Boat racing


Brisbane Wheel

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Brisbane USKers at Kangaroo Point Brisbane Qld.

What a fabulous morning it was. It was so foggy one could not see their nose, but by 9.30 it had lifted enough to start sketching.
What a fabulous morning with the Brisbane USkers
St Marys is a Heritage Listed Church. In 1873, the Anglican Church of St Mary the Virgin was built by Alfred Grant at Kangaroo Point to a design by well-known Brisbane ecclesiastical architect RG Suter. It is a Gothic design, constructed from Brisbane porphyry or "tuff", possibly quarried from the Kangaroo Point cliffs immediately behind the church which overlooks the Brisbane River from its hillside position on Main St near River Terrace.
The stone structure replaced an earlier timber church that had been built in 1849. The sturdier material didn't prevent damage from a cyclone that struck Brisbane in 1892 The former shingle roof has now been replaced by the Queensland favourite, galvanised iron.
In 1876, a pipe organ was imported from a church in England, and it remains in the church as the oldest pipe organ in Queensland. Apparently, when Queensland's governors lived at Old Government House, this was the church they frequented.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Sketching at South Brisbane Cemetery....

...with the Brisbane Urban Sketchers...

The South Brisbane Cemetery is a heritage-listed cemetery.  The cemetery was established in 1866 and remained in active use until the 1960s, after which its use has been limited by lack of space for new graves. By the early 1960s, the cemetery was effectively full and the cemetery was closed. However, as with most closed cemeteries, additional burials and interment of ashes in existing family graves continued to occur. Some additional plots were released in the cemetery in the 1990s. The first person buried in the cemetery was Jane Hockings in July 1870.
 My first sketch of the morning was more than a delight.  This Butcher Bird sat on the headstone serenading me the whole time I sketched.
He flew off when I was about to take the photo.  Guess he was shy.

I got to use my Holbein double ended brush today that my friend Lisa gifted to me.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Brisbane Urban Sketchers "Hit" Milton.

My day started badly, awful traffic. I did not expect that, then  the Citycat I was expecting didn't arrive.  The "Cat" that came  along next was an express, so I had to wait 20 minutes for another one.  To top it off, it was high tide, so the "Cats" do a "go slow" as they can't make a wake near private pontoons.  I was horribly late.
I was so grateful to see my friends sitting in the Coffee Club waiting for me, when I finally arrived at 9.45am instead of 8.45am .....  What an awesome bunch they are..

It was a wet day today,  so a few of us were found sitting on the verandah of Milton House and sketching.

This is the back view of the Historic Cook Terraces.
All Sketches done in my Holcroft A5 225gsm sketchbook Lamy Pen (medium nib) and Hero Fountain pen (fude nib)

Cook Terrace, named after the builder Joseph Cook, who erected the terraces in the 1890s.
Originally home to many of Brisbane's professional residents, the building was used by the armed forces during WWII, and then converted to flats afterwards. For many years they were rather unkempt in appearance, but they had a full makeover in 1984. At that time, the interiors were gutted and the building was converted to offices, with a restaurant at the western end.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Sketching from the Cliff cafe with the Brisbane USkers

What a super day it was.. Winter and 22 deg Celsius.  It was glorious at the Cliffs cafe.  There is a new manager there, and he came up to me and asked about our group.  He gave us all a free coffee :-) wow eh, there were 10 of us..  He wants to encourage us to come sketch more often.
A little history of the kangaroo Point Cliffs.
The Kangaroo Point Cliffs were created by convicts mining the volcanic rock or ignimbrite or welded tuff which form the cliffs. Records indicate that it was Captain Patrick Logan who first opened a quarry to supply stone to his building works as early as 1826. Those structures still standing today include the The Old Windmill and the Commissariat Store.. 

My first warmup sketch, is of the Brisbane City Boat harbour.  This is a short term mooring, only 3 months and they have to move on.  It is cheap though, I think it is still only $50.00 per week.

I was attracted to this corner, and the winter trees.  We mostly have evergreen trees here, so it was a delight to see this one..

The "Tower of Power" is almost finished now.  It looks very much like a giant tube of lipstick. ;-D

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